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Mission Statement

"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up!"
-Vince Lombardi

The Daly City Titans offer a Football and Cheer program to participants ranging from 5-15 years old. We provide the only open-signup Football and Cheer program in Daly City, and our mission is to provide our youth with opportunities for exercise, competition, achievement and valuable growth experiences. In addition, through the scholastic requirements of the Pop Warner program, we provide motivation for the players to maintain good grades in school.

This is firmly aligned with the origins and ideals of Pop Warner, as envisioned by its founders, Joe Tomlin and Glenn Scobie "Pop" Warner. (For their true story, please see: Pop Warner History)

Over the years the Daly City Titans have enjoyed great success, including winning the PeeWee Division III Regional Championship in 2006! This success is due to the commitment of our volunteers and partners, including coaches, parents, board members, sponsors and agencies throughout the Daly City community.

Plus, above all, the talented youth of Daly City!

The Titans' board members look forward to working with you all throughout another great season! To learn more about our board, please go to our Board page.

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